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The Navy League of Canada, Belleville Branch.

The Navy League of Canada.The Navy League of Canada, Belleville Branch is committed to providing a positive and safe environment where the youth of our community can develop citizenship and leadership skills in a physically active programme. By providing a facility that is open several days per week for use of the sea cadets they are encouraged to socialize there rather than less desirable locations. The Navy League members work closely with the officers to ensure that the cadets are exposed to positive and safe interactions. All volunteers that have interactions with cadets are aggressively screened. Activities are planned that give the cadets the opportunity to interact in a positive social environment. Older cadets are given leadership opportunities and counselling to teach them positive ways to develop. By the corps participation in many community activities the cadets learn to give back to their community.

The proof of our success lies within our community. At present the Director of Education for the HPEDSB and the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Belleville in addition to 3 of the past Fire Captains, several police officers, teachers and nurses past & present are former Sea Cadets working in our community.

The Sea Cadet Corps is open to all young people in the Hastings, Prince Edward catchment area. We have cadets participating from all of the local communities. One of our Navy League members, a former teacher convasses all of the schools within commuting distance to encourage the students to join our program.

There are three cadet programmes sanctioned by DND: Sea, Army and Air. We are the only cadet corps in the area and unique in the province to own its own building on the water, allowing for more than training nights to be available. Because we are set right on the water and own our own fleet of boats it facilitates a more accessible boating programme. We have a full music programme, own our own instruments, have a Commanding Officer and Navy League Director that are trained music specialists. One of our officers is a nurse and trained First Aid Instructor and is also on the Sailing Centre Staff with advanced training in boating. This allows us to offer a full and varied programme to capture the interest of the youth of our area.

Navy League of Canada, Ontario Division.The Sea Cadet Programme is provided free to all particpants with the result that no young person is excluded because of financial concerns. The extra curricular activities are the programmes that "hook" the young people to the cadet programme exposing them to the excellent values built into the cadet training. Without United Way funding many of the activities that encourage the cadets to participate would not be possible.

DND provides the training program, the uniforms and pays the officers for their mandatory hours. RCSCC Quinte's program goes far beyond that provided by DND. We are the 3rd largest Sea Cadet Corps in the province despite being in a smaller city, reaching many more young people than in most communities. The Navy League believes it is the extra programming that draws and holds our youth. The United Way Support goes a long way to allowing us to provide that for them.

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